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People who are reading may be thinking, "Eh? Isn't this like The Path to Becomeing a Legend?". Of course it is...but, I've altered the story line much differently, made it more epic, and more longer. Read it as it goes. This will be updated probably weekly for each portion or two portion. Have fun reading! --AlphaRay Wavnd

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This may be a like release weekly like Weekly Shonen Jump. Just to tell you that

"Care to face the hero in you? Care to be forgiveing to your killers? Care to jump into the mysterious World of Awyvern? Find the hero in you!"

-Awyvern Tagline


Not too long ago, Raysuke met up with his past life Darcia Qusei and the two talked. Now Raysuke will have to come up with a way to Master the Demon Seal before the Cosmic Comet arrives. But Wait, whats this? Raysuke is heading tawards Planet Oolong? Just what is out young Vessel up to this time around?


It was around dawn, and Raysuke normaly would be speeping like a baby just now, but today was important. Today, Raysuke would arrive at planet Oolong. Darcia Qusei's home world. Raysuke stuck his head out of the window. Today was looking good.

"So, how long are we from planet Oolong?" Raysuke questioned Kyuubi.

"I'd say about less than a minuite." Was Kyuubi's feral response. Kyuubi Velpez was once AlphaRay Wavnds partner, but now Raysuke has her now that he is the newest summoner of the Garu. Raysuke also had learned about the Demon Arts, and how to enter Hybrid Mode thanks to her.

"Whats this about anyway?" Kyuubi asked.

"Jiiii, a history lesson."

Kyuubi laughed. "Really, sience when did you like to lisen to people talk about nothing?"

"Thats the point, this isn't about nothing. Darcia, my pregressor, or past life if that sounds easier told me that this comet can make collecting the cosmic cube easier! If the Avengers get thier hands on it..."

Kyuubi raised an eyebrow. "Hm.Sounds....interesting."

A huge crashing sound followed by several beeps and snall puffs of smoke came next.

"Looks like we're here!" Raysuke said getting up.

They walked for milles on end untill they came uphon a statue that looked liked Darcia.

"I guess this is the place." Raysuke sighned, "well, here I go.." Raysuke began to mediatate. Soon he had arrow markings all over his body and he began to glow a bright white on the arrow markings, eyes, and even his wisker markings shot up.

Kyuubi meanwhille was shopping for clothes.

After a while, Raysuke found himself in the sprit world with Darcia riding a giant nine-tailed fox. "Get on." He hapily said.

Once they were into the air, Darcia began to talk. "As you know you are here for your training, now to first master the Demon Se-"

"Actualy, I was kinda hopeing that you would tell me your story."

Darcia looked surprised. "You want to hear my story?"



"Why not?"

"The Human race is a species of nothing but hatered and voilence. But out of all the humans that I've met, none are as intresting as you. Unlike your kind you simply wish to end things well and just talk things through. You are not a human."

"Heh, I havent ben human for a long time."

Darcia Smilles. "I will tell you my story."

Darcia's StoryEdit

The Birth of the Eigth VesselEdit

There was a man waiting outside. He was walking back and fourth and back anf forward, as if he was waiting for something. Then there was a sound like a crying baby. A woman inside a nearby hut urged the man to come into the hut.

And there stood his baby boy. Crying his Onyx eyes out.

"What should we name him?"

The man looked at the words that the Sage had told him two weeks previous.

Flashback; two weeks ago

"I'm telling you, Lord Sage-Sama, you are the moast smartest one here, so tell me this, is it better to name a child after a person, or a thing?"

The sage said nothing, but only looked at the mans face with hard eyes.

"Oh, I get it! A place then!"

The sage shock his head. "Weather it is a name, place or thing, the child will take on many traits of thier name. The parents must pick the name carefully, for the child's name will stick to them forever. It is something that you have to really think about, but the name itself does not matter. The name is mearly a way of reconiseing and an extention of an adjitive for discribeing you child. Names are mearly Sprital identification marks that will help your child to become a true hero."

"So are you saying that it's up to the adults to pick a name?"

"Only the parents may chose a name for thier child. For who knows thier baby better than the parents? No one!"

"I see. Thank you for your wisdom Sage-Sama. I will give my child a name that will truely be the best!"

The sage nodded.


End: Flashback

"I'm going to name him...Darcia. Darcia Qusei. After his great grandmother Qusei, and his great granfather Dracula."

"Thats perfect.." The woman said before passing out.

Ah, yes. Darcia Qusei would become quite the warrior in the times to come.

The Youngest WarriorEdit

"Nice, you are comming along nicely." The same man said looking at his son.

Enter Darcia Qusei; He was born into small family of "Kamibuke", or "Warriors of God". They were a group of people, who are now considered ancient ninja, who had the ability to use their inner power, called now Chakra, as a form of attack. Darcia was taught this and was ready to become a fighter at the tender age of 5. And wouldn't you have it, Darcia is about to go into battle right now.

"I've packed your bags for you, and I've also added some oranges, your favorite." Said his mother.

"Gomen. Thanks. I'll try not to hurt anyone, and I'll be back as soon as I can." Darcia's mother gave him a kiss.

"Have fun."

At this, Darcia frowned. "War...war isn't fun, mommy. I never have fun killing someone, even if I hate them."

"..I see..sorry."

Then again, Darcia piped up again. "It's Ok. I love you! And Daddy too! And thanks for the oranges!" And then Darcia Left.

Darcia's mother faintly smilled. "Please Kami, don't let Darcia follow his destiny."

Darcia was quite bright for his age. He was already reading and speaking at a fifth grade level, and had mastered some lightning techniques. His father thinks that Darcia is a god in human form and his mother had herd about legends saying so. Unlike Darcia's father howerver, her mother had wanted Darcia to find a cure to peace instead of just killing everybody that oposed the "right" side. Too bad the father was elected to become the Villages leader, Darcia's mother really wanted to see a change in life for a change.

"I don't want to do this." Darcia spoke outloud. "I don't want to do this." Darcia spoke louder. "I..don't!" Darcia yelled. "I'm tired of the killing, of the violence and the destruction! I just..want to live a normal life! If anybody can understand and hear me, help! I need help!"

That was when Darcia's crystal on his forhead began to glow in an odd rainbow color. The Demon Seal was activateing.

"We have herd your call. We are your voice. We know. We understand. We are here to help."

"Who are you guys?" Darcia called back.

"We are you. Your past life's and your guides. You, Darcia Qusei, you are the next vessel for the Demon Seal."

"I'm a vessel?"

"Yes. Well, you were not sopposed to know untill ten years later, but concidering that you are part of a Legend and fightning a war in a few minuites, we have activated the seal at a very urgent pace."

"I see...Wait I'm a vessel of a Demon? A Jninchuriki?"

"No silly. Not like that. You are the vessel of the Demon Seal. The Vessel is the sprit of the universe incarnated into a physical form. It's the vessels job to keep balance among worlds. During your journey you will find and uncover many powers. Once you master all of the seals abilities, can controll it's form at will, and seal up to 80% of your own power and knowlage within the seal, you are a "fully released demon". But bewarned, to use any of these abilities, the seal Must be activated. Well have fun figureing out your new abilities and such!"

"Well, that was intresting. Though, if he said was true, then I am really special! Maybe I'll be able to stop all the wars!"

At this Darcia began daydreaming about sleeping all day in the new peacefull world. Then there was the sound of blood.

'Oh shit.'

Darcia quickly made himself over to the battlefeild. There he saw images that would forever stain his mind; blood, fightning, guts scroaming out, weapons, explosives, yelling, begging for mercy, children sacraficeing themselves to keep thier parents allive. Yet, Dacia had gotten used to it. It was something that he could not ever walk out on, or forget.

'So, this is my destiny. The only diffrence is that I can kill better than people. Thats it. This sucks. Why can't we just agree to disagree and go to sleep?! Why does it alway's have to end this way?' Darcia sadly thought as he saw one of his closest friends head get depacaited.

Darcia placed his hands tawards the ground. "Rigkun:Gommen!" Darcia placed his hands on the ground, and a huge path of destruction came across the battlefeild, destroying the emmeny's ships and even killing some targets.

"Darcia! Where the hell have you've ben?" Darcia's father shouted as he threw a kunai to someones neck.

"Sorry, just training." Darcia said before getting punched in the stomach.

"Arn'et you a little too young to be fighting, little shrimp?" Darcia's attacker said smileing at him.

Darcia said nothing. Just then, his Demon Seal lighted up and it revealed some strange markings. Before the attacker could act, a rainbow strap quickly lached onto him, and began asorbing him. Though it was gross to see all of the flesh, blood, organs and soul sucked out, Darcia had to amit that that was kinda cool. Darcia also discovered he has learned of the persons memories, abilities and strength, the only problem was that he could only acess these things by actavateing the Demon Seal.

In other words, if the Demon Seal is not activated, Darcia can not use any of it's abilities.

I rather like this abilitly. Hm, maybe I should try it out on everybody else! Darcia's little mind thought as several more rainbow straps emerged from his Demon Seal laching to anybody stupid enough to get close to him.

Everybody just stood there blinded that a 5 year old could do such a thing.

"What the hell are you?" Darcia's sopposed friend, Grimmy, shouted.

"About to become the strongest being on this planet." Was Darcia's simple reply before transforming into a colony of bats and flying away.

Oh, yes. Darcia was indeed on for such a great journey.

(10 years later..)

Darcia just sat there watching everyone stare at him uneasily. He hated this feeling. The eyes stareing, it made him feel like a monster.

"Guy's I know you're there. Stop stalking me please." Darcia said without looking.

"We are just worried for you, Darcia." Darcia's mom said slightly worried to approach her son. Darcia's father was thinking of how he could make Darcia the ultamite weapon. Darcia had seen enough of this.

"Can you guy's just get the hell out? I don't want your pitty. I just want your friendship. But if the only thing I have is pitty, what kind of friendship is that?"



"N-nothing. you want some Oranges?" Darcia's mom was by far the person who knew Darcia the moast.

"No mom. No I don't."

"I see..Well if you ever need anything-"

"Mom, can you...CAN EVERYONE JUST GET OUT?!!"

As if on cue, everybody began to leave. Darcia spared them no second glance.

When they were gone, Darcia finialy began to drift off to sleep. It was odd how he always had a certian eatsy of dreams. In every one of his dreams there were clouds. And Darcia alway's found himself laying on top of them dreaming. Dreaming about dreaming. How weird was that? But this time, his dream was diffrent. A white light appeared on the clouds what the-

The shadow of the cloud seemed to grow bigger, and bigger untill it took the shaped of something else. The shape of the shadow resembled a monster.. It wasn't untill 4 seonds later that the shadow seemed to 'pop' and out came a weird looking human. The creature had red skin, with white hair. He had two long fangs and a horn on it's head. It's eyes looked catlike. It's hands were human, exept for the huge claws on them."Darcia Qusei, it is time you learned." It said.

"If it's about me being the Vessel of the Demon Seal, I already know. So when do I get to go on my training?"

"In three..Wait, did you just say you knew?"

"Yep. Ever sence I was five."


"Yeah. I did master the seal five years ago, but I don't want to miss out on an avanture!"

"...Well, this is..unexpected."

"Isn't everything?" Darcia closed his eyes. "Mind if I ask who you are?"


"Wow, you're even worse then Grimmy when it comes to making conversation. Who farted in your cornflakes?"

Gavihu surpressed a laugh. "Who gave you an orgasim?"

Darcia laughed. "Nice. Been a long time sence anyone has a good sence of humor 'round here. The planet is boring as a fuckin' lampost."

Again, Gavihu surpressed a laugh. "Your funny kid."

"Well, my sence of humor damn well didn't come from my family."

Gavihu this time, allowed a chuckle to slip from his lips. "Ugh...So when should we announce your leave, to master the secreats of the Demon Seal?"

"How about right fucking now?"

"Right now?"

"Hell yes."

"Okay then. It's time to wake up."

Darcia awoke from his dream and found himself stareing in the bright rays of the sun.

Was this all just a dream?

"Nope young vessel. I have communcated with you via telepathy. You do not need to pack essenial valaubles."

"...Can I at least bring my Hei-tae?"

"Well, dugh."

"Okay then. Lets give a show for these asstards!" Darcia stormed out.

Darcia's Goodbye: Leaving to Master the SealEdit

"Can I please have all of your attetion?" Gavihu said banging agist a medal gong located in the middle of the Village. "It has come to the Plumber Monks attetion that Darcia Qusei is the current vessel of the Demon Seal, and as such he is required to leave and master his seal's abilities."

Everyone was stuck in an unbelieveable speech. Then again, it did make sence.

"Well, he is quite something. I mean, just look at his eyes! They are gods!" One woman exclaimed.

My eyes? Darcia thought. But then again, he knew that his eyes were diffrent. They were blank. Howerver, just before Darcia could put some thought into it, Gavihu's appearence reminded him what he was here for.

"Yes. I am going to Leave the Planet Oolong for nine years to master my newly formed powers."

"How do you know that mastering your seal will take nine years?" Gavihu mentaly spoke to him.

"I've already mastered my Demon Seal, idoit. Thats just how much time I want away from this hell hole."

(Sometime Later...)

"Well, this to me is no surprise! You are going to become the greatest hero on this planet to live!" Darcia's father gave him a huge hug. "Kid, you look..your eyes.."

"Yeah, still trying to figure it all out." Darcia sighned.

"You'll figure it out soon. Hey, I love ya, and alway's will. But you proably know that."

Darcia blushed. (Actualy, I didn't.) "Really?"

"Of corse not. Well, unless you were to become a sourpuss and give up on the way's of a worrior, but the way I've seen you kill, like hells thats going to happen."

Darcia frowned. (You should start hating ne now then, bitch.) "But isn't there more to life then just fightning?"

"Not really. From what I've seen, violence makes the world go 'roud."

Darcia's frown deepened. (Are you fucking kidding me?!) "I see..."

"You know, many of those monks says that there is sopposed to be a person who is gonna finialy end the fightning and bring about peace."

Darcia's frown lightned. (I wonder..) "Do you think that person could be me?"

Darcia's father laughed. "Whaat? Hellla naw!"

Darcia began to give a death glare. (Whats so funny?) "Why not?"

"Like I said, violence is what makes the world go round. I mean, peace is good for a while. But lets face it, when nobody is trying to take over it, Planet Oolong is boring."

Darcia rolled his eyes. (I can't believe this guy is my father) "Um..where's mom?"

"She's at the house. Expect something."

Darcia raised an eyebrow. (Please, don't be a going away party. Expecialy from this fool.) "Ooooooookaaaaaaaaayy....."

"You should proably go...NOW!" Darcia's father said pushing him in the direction of thier home.