Story: Uchiha Gadien

Chapter: Part 1

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Summary: "Exactly how did this guy become Otokage again?" Collection of Sasuke-Centric Oneshots and Drabbles. Warining: CRACK, OOCness, and bashing, because it's awesome.

1. Paperwork

Warnings: Paperwork, IchaIchareading!Sasuke, somewhat Sasuke Bashing

Shipping Warning: Karin x Suigestu

Our loving Otokage was sitting upside down, on the ceiling reading a popular orange book that he himself wondered how he ever gotten hooked to.

Instantly there was a knock on his door. "Come in."

And there was Suijestu, eyeing his loveable boss woth a toothy grin. "Heh, for a gay person you sure do like smut, ain't that right boss?"

"Oh shutup. So whats the deal anything wrong? You know this Is my free time."

"Free time? Pftt, you Kage's have no free time."

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be screwing Karin's brains out?"

Suigestu blushed, and then gave the Uchiha an even bigger grin showing all 44 of his lethal teeth. "Ah, I remember that day.."

"Dude, stop disturbing my peace and tell me what the hell you want. I'm trying to plan my vaccation!"

"Well, I'm afraid your vaccation planning time is just about to be cut short. Karin?"

Instantly the young 17-year old hottie came out from seemily nowhere and smilled. She wraped herself around her sword-loving lover and gave him a smooch.

"Sience you have time to be filling you smut needs, you should have plenty of time to fill out the villages needs. Paperwork." Karin loved Sasuke and even admited he was hot to this day, but she relised she would have to move on, and went to Suijestu who while not just as good looking or even powerfull, loved her with all his heart.

Back to reality, Karin throwed a stack of paper on Sasuke's Desk. Sasuke groned.

"And you know what you get after you're done with the paperwork? MORE PAPERWORK!" Karin threw an even bigger stack of paper on Sasuke's desk.

This was so not fair.

When the two lovers were gone, Sasuke created three Hebi-bushins and commanded them to get to work. He then proceded to read his favorite cupple gettin' it on.

When he was deep into the plot a voice called out to him; "We know what you're doing, Taka-teme. And it ain't paperwork."