The Scared Green Techniques (怖い'緑'テクニック, Kowai midori tekunikku) were orginaly developed by Akuma Kurasa. These techniques are created by Akuma acessing his ancestoral chakra and then using that chakra to increse his eleamental ninjustu's speed, power and range. It appears that these techniques colur is not based on the users own chakra reserve color because these techniques still kept thier green property when he later taught these to Sasuke Taiyuka. Rather thier green color is a side effect on using the ancestoral chakra with the nature type.

Effects on the Fire ReleaseEdit

When used on the fire type, these Justu become extremely hot; to the point of boiling water techniques of the same rank and melting rock. The shape transformation mainly focuses on missles that gause great explosions, but some are named and shaped after parts of animals. Speed is also another factor, as they were capable of overwhelming a two-tomatoed Sharingan. Showing that nothing below a fully matured Sharingan is capable of tracking it's movements.

Effects on the Lightning ReleaseEdit

The effects on the Raiton were the same as the above, but the moast affected eleament is it's speed. A simple C-Rank technique will still be able to move faster then the naked eye can process. When used in combonation with the Chidori Armor, Sasuke Taiyuka was able to fight on even ground with Jaryia Uzumaki's compleated sage mode.