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While all creatures that have chakra can cannibalize each other to gain power, Ryoku has the ability to completely absorb other creatures, merging not only their extra power with his own but also gaining their individual abilities. Similar to the Chimera Absorbtion Technique, it was originally meant to combine separate living bodies of organisms into one combined organism bearing the original characteristics of the organisms, and therefore create a synthetic body.

Full DescriptionEdit

Ryoku has a numarous amount of ways to absorb a foe; eathier by biteing into the foes's main vain, or simply covering the victiom with thier own body, thought the pimary abilitly is normaly whips. When absorbing, the seal seems to drain thier blood/flesh and thier soul; often turning the targets body into dust. The way this technique works is that by asorbing a foe, the user replenshies thier chakra, stanima, lost blood and can regenerate what would otherwise be fatal wounds. Another avantage is that the user gains all the targets abilities, memories and soul. The user can controll the souls in a matter similar to Summoning: Impure World Ressurecon and the shapeshifting technique. Also, if the user is hit by a fatal would or dies, the user can exchange a soul for thier own life. The souls of the hosts are kept alive within the user, leaving them "still alive," in a sense (albeit suppressed). The technique is also used by Hiruko and his followers to create formidable creatures which bear the traits of multiple animals.


It should be noted that the technique can be stopped (with seemingly relative ease) from the inside out by using a dimension-manipulating technique such as Kamui. The Sharingan seems to be able to negate and reverse the asorbtion process. For each body absorbed, the user's personality becomes more unstable. Additionally, the technique requires body modification, due to the body requiring space for the user to assimilate targets, as seen by the large scars and staples in AlphaRay's chest and sides, and leaves his body rather emaciated, with a larger, unhinged jaw and shriveled teeth. The hollowed body space can also be a potential weak spot until it is filled by the assimilated victim, though this can be regected if the user's body is modofied to being streched (i.e, Zonnie's mutantion.) Just like moast other Mutant-Based abilities, this power is nullufied by holy weapons and sunlight. Also, the user does not gain the memories, soul or abilities of a decesed target.