November 17, 68 (at death)


5-7, 108lbs



Eye Color/Hair Color:

Teal, Black


Missing-nin, Archer, Arceus


Part-time resturant worker






Decessed (Reincarinated)



Palumeow is the 50th Vessel of the Seal, and an Archer-nin. She was born into an interdimetion that resents the Vessel of the Demon seal and thus never became a fully released vessel. She had to teach herself everything on her own. And while she was feared as "Judahanda's Demon", her will of fire shines brightly.

The appearence of Palumeow in her youthfull days.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While Palumeow is metioned in several flashbacks, many people have said that she is a master bender maybe even the generation's legacy. She has mastered various types of sub bending such as Metalbending, bloodbending and can controll her firebending to an extent that it appears black. She has also dispayed some limited healing abilities as well as the abilitly to sandbend or minulapating the sand using airbending. Palumeow has also shown herself to have exlent taijustu skills; up to the point of rarely needing to rely on her bow at all. Palumeow is said to have extrodinary chakra, and even without the addation of the Demon Seal, she was able to preform the Soul Stealing Sealing technique and be the only person that did not kneel in exaustion from chakra.

Palumeow has shown that she has exlent mastery, but not full mastery over her demon seal. Though because she appears to have asorbed several diffrent people at times; the prime examples being Buu and waterteing. Thier combined abilities more than make up for the situation. Palumeow while her intelect has ben moastly downplayed, she has shown to outsmart high ranked members of the C.H.I.M.E.R.A and come with a wade of overtatics when her main plan fails.

Auspice TechniquesEdit

Arrow Clone

Enchanced Strength

One Thousand Arrow Storm

All abilities known by Buu

All abilities known by Cell




250px-Katara 85

Palumeow's waterbending in Wavnd: Opolopical


BorraKen Bow

Vessel [Mask]Edit

Power Release


Vessel of Arceus

Garjustu Acess




During LifeEdit

Palumeow's history is moastly unknown, but she did appear in a few flashbacks in the life of a future Vessel. Palumeow was born in a alternate dimetion that hated the Vessel of the seal. She had to teach herself everything and never did actualy become a fully released Vessel. Around her 20's she began to use the absorbtion abilitly to compensate for her lack of mastery over the Demon Seal. She absorbed a clone of Buu and several others thus gaining thier powers, abilities, strength, speed and knowlege. It is unknown if she died a peacefull or violent death, as she died quite conciderly young (for a vessel of the seal). Durning an interview with AlphaRay, it is revealed that Palumeow's aspect of an early death was indeed the demon seals power; a unique ability of someone she absorbed was quantum reality manipulation… to put it simply they existed however they perceived themselves, meaning they could literally be everywhere at once or nowhere if they lost their perception of themselves… which due to the number of souls Palumeow absorbed, she did. Resulting in her early and painful demise.