NindoKen Wavnd




Canidate Wavnd Leader, Co-Owner of the Planet Trade Organasation




Decessed (Killed)

Nindoken Wavnd was amongst one of the members of the Wavnd Race and was a co-owner of the Wavnd Planet Trade Orgasation. He is later whiped out with the rest of the race by Dameon.


Nindoken was a co-owner of the Wavnd Planet Trade Organation. Dispite his age, he was powerfull and had quite a reputation for himself. He was suggested to become the Leader of the Wavnd Clan. Howerver, Nindoken along with moast of the Wavnd Race is whiped out by Dameon to prevent them from overthrowing them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

According to Raysuke, Nindoken was a "generation's geinus". He was one of the very few Wavnd to manifest all 3 of thier Kekkei Abilities and was amongst the first to master the Arnilax. Nindoken's power was so great that he was suggested to become the Wavnd Clans Leader by many, even the current leader herself, and Dameon knew that Nindoken could possibly ruin his plans if he didn't kill him first.