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Mud Mencaing Ball


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Mud Release






Tailed Beast Skill


Mid-Long Range

Is a variant of the Tailed Beast Ball used by the Snake Tailed Doroango and it's host, Sasukon Taiyuka. Instead of shaping posotive and negative chakra into a ball, this technique shapes Water and Earth chakra togeather into a ball before fireing it. This technique requires the user to have perfect balence with both eleaments, or a ratio of 5:5 with both chakra natures in order to release it's full power. If the user uses too much water natured chakra, the technique will be fast, but the technique will become too weak. While If the user uses too much earth natured chakra, the technique will become very strong, but the attack will be too slow. Howerver, if used correctly, the technique becomes a huge ghiant sphere of both water and earth natured chakra that is both fast and super strong. This technique is shown to crush the defensies of a steel house with reletive ease. It's power and reletive appearence depends on Sasukon's current Jinchuriki form. In his Minature Version, he can fire spheres many times the size of his body. In Version One, Sasukon can fire weaker, more releveant spheres.