Kit's Story also known as Wavnd: Hyquitnye is the fourth part of the Wavnd series.


After four Years of peace and training, a new universal war is starting. AlphaRay, who is now 19, and the new leader of the Arnilax Empire, has recently learned that S.H.E.I.L.D is planning to steal the cosmic cube; a mysterious device that can make ones dreams become a reality without any side effects. As the conflicts of the Risentence and the Avengers become more rapid, AlphaRay relises that it's time to stop hiding and put an end to the on going four thousand year war that had given the Arnilax Empire it's bad name, and was the cause of the One Hundred Tailed God Kaimera to be sealed in him. But just how is AlphaRay going to solve the mystery of peace, something that even his father couldn't do? AlphaRay has become older, taller and stronger, but has he become wiser?


These are the arcs. Before the good War of the Worlds can happen, I wanted to give my readers a sence of knowlagement of the main Characters; AlphaRay Wavnd, Zonnie Davis, Yuna Owna, and Ryuksheia Omeriou otherwise known as the Pentagon Five (I'm not revealing the fifth member untill the War of worlds happens and trust me, it's a surprise!).

Werewolf's StoryEdit

  • Inside the Jninchuriki's Mind
  • Foyutom: How the best of Friends became the worst of rivals
  • Shinji Joins the battle
  • Goffi: The Flashbacks

Hydrone's StoryEdit

  • The search Begins! The Cosmic cube hunt
  • Risentence V.s the avangers
  • The four thousand Year war of the Universe
  • Nutthin' but a cycle of hatered


AlphaRay: "So, we meet again...This time, the avangers will fall and never see another sunset of the day."

Diamond: "It has all come down to this. Who would have geused that we would play a part in the biggest war of history?"

Red-X: "Fate has silly ways of working things."

AlphaRay: "We are disbanded. Forever. The next time I see all of you, it will be on the battlefeild."