300px-Orochimaru's Juinjutsu

The Jugo Clan Logo.

The Jugo Clan just like the Hozuki Clan, were recruited by Sasuke after compleating thier goals. Jugo after reciving advice from Sasuke, decided to create his own clan after all. And just like Jugo, members of this clan posses the same mental illness, and have the abilitly to talk to birds and other small forest animals for asstance. With the Jugo clan, decendants have the same cursed seal mutation that Jugo did, and by the time they are Jonin level, they should be able to fully controll said power, with the disvantages of loseing themselves to thier murderous side. The cursed seal combined with enchanced strength and durability essesialy makes this clan one of the moast powerfull in Otogakure. Like thier creator, members are often tall and have bright orange hair.