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Naruto Forever


Jugo Clan

Idōnoroingyō ('シフト呪われたシール'形, Cursed seal shape shifting) Is the Kekkei Genkai of the Jugo Clan. With this special Kekkei Gankai, thier whole body is basicly a weapon; a Jugo could rearange his organs to prevent fatal blows, and alter thier nerves, muscles, veins, and other parts of thier body as weapons similar to Jugo. The flesh is capable of forming into spear tips and tendrils that can lash out at enemies, or even knives and stabbing weapons. Blunt force weapons are also possible, but are much more difficult to use. The bones can be altered to form clubs, blades, even bows and arrows. It is also capable of creating an armor around the tendons, but the feat would require a bit of chakra, and adds weight to the limb. Skilled Members can also add extra apendges such as tails, wings and horns. These apednges alway's appear like snake scales. When first creating an appendge, it will happen slowly and painfuly. The second time, it will happen faster and less painfull and so on untill it is fully developed. This process varies among apendges. This Kekkei Gankai can also assimilate other bloodlines, but the bloodlines they assilamate are not passed down. Experts can change what form they takes almost instantly and can isolate the transformation to parts of his body.