The Gobikagun is a special Doujustu that Azuko Elni has acess to after controlling her tailed beast.


The Gobikagun looks similar to the eyes of a Gobi Coyote Jninchuriki at first, but this eye technique is distinquished from it by the white patch surrounding the eye. With futher levels ans upgrades, the Gobikagun's appearence can drasticly change from this as well as gaining new powers and abilities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Gobikagun's first abilitly, like all other doujustu, is the abilitly to see the chakra flow. A prime example is a justu's color and person's chakra and natures.

The Gobikagun's second abilitly is it's outstanding Physiconics. This doujistu similar to the Arnilax, allows the user to use tekekenisis, telepathy, mind controll, and lastly a sort of lie detector. By stareing at anothers eye, the user can detect if they are lieing about something, or telling the truth it appears to have high accuracy

The third abilitly of the Gobikagun is Battle slower. This simply means that to the user, the Gobikagun appears to slow everything down. To where "the fastest movements appear as nothing but turtle movements."

Reverita GobikagunEdit

Is simply an enchanced version of the Gobikagun.