Yo. The Names Taiyuka-Uchiha Sasuke, or Taka, or Hebi-Teme, or just Sasuke. Which ever you like or prefer I don't care. I have to say that my life is messed up, but we all have out moments don't we?

So here I am, current Otoking, thats the ruler of the ENTIRE Sound Kingdom, not just the hidden village mind you. Jinchuriki of the Snake God, Orochimaru, and leader and founder of the Taiyuka clan.

Otogakure is located on a huge patch of land; south of all 5 great nations.

Yet it's kinda lonely here, I mean after building, the clans, the everything.

Okay, maybe it's just me. After all I am single.

No. Not in that way, I have a wife mind you!

Blah! I'm just over empthiseing anyways!

I would write more, but I have an ass load of papperwork to accomplish.

Uchiha Out!

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