Is the personal and main weapon of Palumeow. While it may not seem like it, this weapo is actualy a type of zanpackto and was purified by Palumeow through usage of her Demon Seal.
Kagome with Bow and Arrow Picture



Besides the standard abilities of the zanpackto, Borraken's chakra nature takes on a blueish-green appearence in the form of a monkey. It has it's own chakra reserve and can sence the chakra natures of another being. Borraken's main affinity is with lightning, howerver it has shown to take on the affinity of what ever it's current helders chakra nature is. Palumeow has a water affinity, and so the weapon will be allined with water. It can controll water, ice and steam with it's arrows and can heal minor woulds inflicted onto it's user. Also, this weapon never runs out of arrows. It natuarly refills once empty. The weapon can hold up to 16 arrows at once.

Uniuqe AbilitiesEdit

Barrier Shattering: Allows the arrows to shatter any barrier. The arrows glow blueish/green when this is used.

Purefication: The arrows are known for thier clensing abilities. They kill any demon via contact and can even surpress tailed beast inside a host. For hanyo's like Raysuke, the arrows have a nutural effect because this power does not work on humans.


Sword Transformation: The user of this weapon can make Borraken turn into a glowing white katana. The sword still has all the abilities of the weapon plus it can be used for close combat purposes.

Tearing Tiger Rageing Sparrow: The user shoots an arrow in the air. It causes a large sprarrow made entirely of Ice to form from the arrow and attack the foe.

Wubble Sheild: A sheild that completely negeates any attack and sends it back to the first user at twice the speed and strength.

Arrow Prision: An arrow that traps the victim into a near unescapeable water prision.