Justu Information




Wavnd: Rigkun


Acid Release




Offensive, Deffensive, Supplementary


Kekkei Genkai, Ninjustu


All Ranges

Hand Seals:

Hands clapped togeather

One of Raysuke's specialties, that requires the use of both of his hands, creating a large dragon. The dragon itself is capable of flight and while Raysuke is safely on its back, the dragon can spit out smaller clay figures that attack the opponent like guided missiles.

These independent missile-like creatures take the form of a greatly reduced version of the larger dragon that created them, however, despite this decrease in size they are still relatively larger than a normal person. Each is capable of tracking their intended target and producing a significant explosion proportional to size upon contact. But as they emerge, they consume a substantial amount of acid from the original dragon, initially extracting it from the creature's tail. This ultimately limits the number that each A2 "Dragon" is capable of creating, before acid must be sacrificed from more vital areas, such as the body or wings.

The dragon can also produce acid mines at the expense of acid, that take the form of small spherical creatures, which can be subsequently manipulated to force opponents to fight in a limited space.